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Outdoor Kitchens by GreenBird

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GreenBird are experienced and creative Outdoor Kitchen Designers and Installers with a wealth of knowledge on how to get you Cooking, Eating and Enjoying your Outdoor space all year round. There is a real trend towards Outdoor Kitchens in the UK now as people realise the possibilities in their own Gardens. Whether it be a simple space with worktop prep. areas in which to house a new/existing BBQ or a fully covered area with a Pizza Oven & Big Green Egg Ceramic Oven, built-in refrigeration and washing facilities – GreenBird can create them all

The most important options to consider when planning an Outdoor Kitchen are:

1. What do you like to Cook?

A few simple Burgers and Sausages in the Summer or more ambitious meals all year round containing joints of meat, whole chickens, bread? This can alter the size and type of cooking that would suit you best or the components that would best enhance your Outdoor Kitchen experience such as an insulated Pizza Oven with heat retention for Bread cooking, Gas burners, Rotisserie kits or even a South African inspired ‘Braai’.

2. How do you like to Entertain?

There are no limits to what Outdoor Kitchen GreenBird can create for you – but worth considering the number of people you plan to cook for on a regular basis and we can Design your space based on your needs. The way you entertain can also affect your garden kitchen design. As the BBQ chef do you want to have your back to those you’re cooking for? How about a front facing BBQ with a raised bar instead, then you can cook, socialise and enjoy the company of friends without missing a turn on the BBQ!

3. Gas, Charcoal or Dual Fuel?

Are you looking for a Gas or Charcoal BBQ, dual fuel Oven or even a Pizza Oven that does both? GreenBird can offer all of the above! As a connected independent business with a keen eye for the best products we source BBQs, Ceramic Ovens, Built-in Fridges, you name it from the best manufacturers for our Garden Projects– we even have Pizza Ovens in stock ready to take away!

4. How far will the Outdoor Kitchen be cited from the Indoor Kitchen?

Consider storage, servery, refrigeration and cleaning. During initial planning it is beneficial to consider your storage options, server area, available bins and how you may utilise the area overall. Many simple but effective solutions can be integrated into your outdoor kitchen – hidden bins, warming drawers, outdoor fridges to name but a few!

5. Environment

Consider element exposure – sun and wind direction can make a big difference to your enjoyment. Remember your Outdoor Kitchen is in a fixed location, squinting into the sun during cooking may spoil some of the experience for you, but we can help you account for elements exposure during the design phase.

6. Outdoor Entertaining or Simple Cooking space?

Knowing how you plan to use the space in early stage design is best. Will you require raised bar surfaces, bar stools, drinks fridges that face your guests, or are you looking for a self-contained space focused solely around the chef?

7. Coverage

Outdoor Kitchens are as popular under cover as they are out in the elements, and inclusion of overhead coverage such as an Renson louvered canopy or Oak framed timber structures - these are all a part of the service at GreenBird we provide.