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Garden Rooms by GreenBird

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Whether it is wanting to work from Home, an expanding new business start-up, or simply a destination to make your Outdoor space more usable all year round - with Off-the Shelf or Bespoke options there really are endless personalisation possibilities - Garden Rooms by GreenBird; the inspired choice.

Why choose GreenBird for your Garden Room?

  • Dedicated and experienced Garden Room’s team with in-house Designers and Stylists
  • Award winning GreenBird Landscapers conducting the Installation
  • Off-the-Shelf or Fully Bespoke Options available – endless possibilities!

Why choose a Garden Room/Office?

  • The ability to work from Home - The number of people working from home has risen significantly during 2020, with the ONS (Office of National Statistics) reporting that 49% of the UK workforce has worked remotely at some point during 2020/21 With many people taking up temporary residence on their dining room tables or in spare rooms, there has been a demand in people seeking a long-term solution for homeworking: many employers are finding that it is yielding positive results, and it is likely, for many of us, working from home will continue even when the pandemic is over.
  • Better work-life balance - A Garden Office can mean a much better work-life balance – all those hours you spend commuting could be spent with the family, keeping healthy and indulging in your own hobbies and interests.
  • Business Start-ups – When starting a new business expensive premises aren’t always an option for budding entrepreneurs – a Garden Office gives you the perfect platform and space in which to transform your lifestyle!
  • Expensive Extension Turn-off’s – Home extensions can be costly, stressful and very disruptive to family life. A Garden Room can give you an economical and un-invasive extra space in which to work, rest and play whilst connecting with nature all year round!